09 November 2016

A New Beginning in Our Land

Well friends, to quote my father-in-law, the "unbelievable is here." But it's not unbelievable. Donald Trump will be our country's next president and a Republican House and Senate will put forward an agenda that will attempt to unravel the last 100 years of a social agenda that seeks to protect those most in need of kindness, love and justice.

That there is anger in the land is undeniable; that there is a great uncertainty is true. That millions of people chose to look past Trump's hatred, bigotry, misogyny, tax evasions, sexual assaults and harboring of racists and anti-Semites in his campaign is one of the most challenging realities we have ever faced as a country.

It's like we all were reading the same Bible until last night but in this one, the Book of Esther is now named for Haman. The unbelievable is here indeed.

But we have choice and agency and power. To fight. To do what is right. To articulate with word and deed a vision for a better country and peaceful world. We cannot and we must not despair. We have survived slavery and Civil War and the assassinations of Lincoln, King and Kennedy. We have banded together to defeat Hitler, Nazism and Fascism. In New York City, a town that knows Trump best and resoundingly rejected him, we overcame 9-11, blackouts and hurricanes to show the world that there is more that unites us than divides us; that the greatness of our character as a nation is in our diversity; and that yeah, LOVE trumps hate.

So let's get ready for a fight. The good fight. The right fight. With love and justice for all.

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