01 February 2014

Invocation for EMB. 1.28.14

Delivered in Memory of Edgar M. Bronfman
"A Life Fulfilled:  A Tribute Celebration"
January 28, 2014
Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center

(After a beautiful opening melody by Rabbi Angela Warnick Buchdahl, I had the honor of delivering this Invocation in memory of my dear friend and mentor, Edgar.)

Good evening and ערב טוב

Tonight we gather as a community of those who have come together to express our love and admiration of Edgar M. Bronfman.

Son.  Grandson.  Brother.  Father.  Grandfather.  Great-grandfather.  Husband.  Fierce Friend and Advocate for the Jewish people, wherever they lived.  Defender of Freedom and Justice--Insistent Prophet of Learning, of Doing, of Joy.

נר השם נשמת אדם--The spirit of man, of this man, Edgar, is the light of the Eternal; and this memorial candle burns bright for Edgar, Yehiel, in whose name and memory Eternality abides.

Around the throne of this king, this man, this father, husband, brother, son, are the wrought and rendered works of a life so fully lived.  Achievement.  Generosity.  Justice.  Redeemed Captives and Revitalized Youth.  Learning and Questions and Heresies and Knowledge.  Ethics and Morality.  And no shortage of jokes.  Thank God for the jokes.

Tonight there is hallowed memory and laughter; there are tears of sadness and longing and an awestruck recognition of just how much on man can achieve.

With raw humility, goodness and kindness, his family laid his body to rest one month ago.  And tonight, as Edgar insisted, we join together as one to remember him with joy.  To celebrate the life of Edgar M. Bronfman.

זכר צדיק לברכה

May his memory always be a blessing.

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