17 December 2013

A Bad Trip

I guess if you regularly see pink pigs floating in the air over Prog Rock guitar licks and hazy weed clouds, it's not too hard to grasp seeing Nazis around every corner, too.

No, Roger, that Israeli soldier you see is not a Nazi and the Knesset, with democratically elected Arab members whose political parties call for the end of Israeli as a Jewish and democratic state, is not the Reichstag.

The Nazis were defeated, nearly 70 years ago, by Allied forces who believed deeply that genocidal fascism, responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people, needed to end.  It was a genocidal fascism that had Great Britain in its crosshairs as well--not just the Jews of Europe.  Hitler, whose dead, had his own delusions, far more sinister and dangerous than flying pork.

And while it's tempting to ignore your latest hate-filled art, you have influence on some of your followers because of your art, though one might say that while a pig flying through the air is concert history repeating as farce, accusing Jews of acting like Nazis is not a farce but a hate-filled diatribe that, only because it gets repeated ad nauseam, has lost its true force so as to be a true threat.

Instead you look like a raging lunatic.  Obviously powerless to effectuate change or exert your influence in a meaningful way, you are relegated to say the "outrageous" (if tired, rehearsed, platitudinous, and predictable) to get attention for your own failure to effectively care for your personal favorite underdog of contemporary political history.

The bone-crushing machinery of Syria's Assad regime doesn't offend you.  The willful destruction of democratic movements in Russia or China mean nothing to you.  I suppose, based on your own strange pleasure in Nazi get-up, the maniacal ragings of Iranian rhetoric over the last decade to obtain a nuclear weapon in order to rid the Middle East of Zionism, is oddly comforting to you.  Did you miss the part where Iranians demonstrated in the street for democracy a few years ago and were mowed down by bullets?

It may surprise you but I feel your pain.  I oppose Israeli policies in the West Bank, too.  I think the Palestinians deserve a state of their own.  It's a worthy cause, despite decades of failure and frustration to bring it about--failures and frustrations caused as much by Palestinian terror and refusal to accept a Jewish claim to the land and an historical narrative rooted in that very land as well as the intransigence of Israeli policy, guided by a settlement policy that has impeded progress for peace as well.

It's a mouthful, Roger, I know.  It requires subtle thinking, long, drawn out arguments.  Hard work.  Engagement.  Education.  Even political pressure and local organizing.

But your Pink Pig Trial Balloon of calling an Israeli a Nazi is just another bad trip from one of your shows.  A dime a dozen.  Maybe it will even sell you a few more records.  But ultimately, it's the sad, pathetic joke of someone who just can't control his worst impulses.

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