17 March 2013

Make Your Voice Heard on Gun Control: Practical Steps

These are important days for Gun Control legislation in Congress and if you want to help prevent the kinds of tragic and inexcusable massacres we have witnessed in this country, NOW is your chance to speak and be heard.

The CBE Gun Control Group has assembled some very helpful information for you to use and share.

Here it is:

1.     Start calling OUR elected officials TOMORROW.  All of our sources have indicated that CALLING is the best approach to applying pressure.  Even Schumer’s office wants to hear from us and they want to hear from us daily.  Even those elected officials that have sponsored gun control legislation need to know that their constituents still care about this.  Call during your lunch break/child’s nap/in between meetings/or even walking down the street but please call. 

NYAGV sent us this great video of a woman making a call. 

We have also created this talking point template for calls to elected officials:

As a second option, send a letter (but call too!).  Have your child color on it or include a drawing.  Send a photo. Make it noteworthy.  Here is our letter template:

2.       Start contacting your friends and family in the “Key States” TODAY
Here is a link to our working spreadsheet of key states:

And here is a link to talking points for your call or e-mail to friends, family, and local points of contact:

The states in BOLD are potential "swing" states.  Some of the elected officials in those states have expressed support for gun control legislation but they really need to know their constituents care about this issue or they may lose interest or change their mind by the time the bills are up for vote.  

Send your friends and family etc. all the template links and the video and relay our message.  

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