08 November 2012

Return On Investment (or How We Roll)

voting with feet:  cbe helping hurricane victims on election day
The most famous Jewish leader known for his profligate spending--Sheldon Adelson, with casinos for pockets--spent $60 million on ten races that ran the table for ten losses.  The house won but I guess the tourist had fun in Vegas.  

Besides the grotesquery of the statement--wholly justifying Sarah Silverman's "in-your-face" comedic response to such disdain for women and the economic philosophy of his fellow gamblers--an even greater truth is revealed:  billionaires are allowed to waste money but government programs to help the poor and the middle class with health care, funding for schools and teachers, alternative energy research, student loans, family planning, and on and on--should not exist.  

Billions down the drain; advertising dollars filling pockets somewhere; millions of people still out of work; and one man still standing, our President, Barack H. Obama.  Personally, I feel vindicated.  Like the better message won.  Whatever happened in Vegas actually did stay in Vegas.  Thank God.

$60 million = 10 losses.  Incredible.

For less than $5,000, here's a list of the meals we made since Hurricane Sandy struck last week, powered by love and a belief in community (excerpted from a kitchen memo I received late last night):

Thursday, November 1 -- 600 sandwiches

Friday, November 2 --  500 hard-boiled eggs/850 sandwiches

Saturday, November 3 --  600 hard-boiled eggs/1250 sandwiches/500 hot roast chicken dinners

Sunday, November 4 --  yogurts/hard-boiled eggs/2400 sandwiches/trays of homemade stuffing with apples/stringbeans, potato & caramelized onions 

Monday, November 5 --   1000 sandwiches/freshly cooked vegetables and potatoes

Tuesday, November 6 --  1058 sandwiches/350 buffet-style platters of chicken, potatoes, and vegetables/200 individual roast chicken dinners 

Wednesday, November 7 -- 800 sandwiches/200 warm individual crustless pot "pies"  

--Our sandwiches included peanut butter and jelly, turkey, kosher turkey, homemade egg salad, homemade chicken salad, cream cheese sandwiches, kosher cheese
sandwiches, cheddar cheese sandwiches (with romaine lettuce and mayonnaise.)  

--We sent out more than 3000 hard-boiled eggs and received most of the them from the community.

--We used 16,000 slices of bread, wrapped and labelled more than 8000 sandwiches.  

We have also collected and distributed clothing, diapers, batteries, candles, socks, shoes, cleaning supplies, school supplies, and much more to thousands of people from Coney Island to Canarsie and from Red Hook to the Rockaways.  By late last night, in the midst of an early November snowstorm, we evacuated 40 elderly Russians to the Park Slope Armory and their first shower and heated night sleep in ten days.

It's been no spin of the roulette wheel; just a series of safe bets from generous and loving hearts. 


While billions were spent in this campaign by one side that barely if ever even mentioned the poor, we created a "return on investment" that counts as its bottom line the idea of redemption and the oneness of all humanity.

$1 million of that wasted $60 million could permanently establish a feeding program at CBE so that acts of lovingkindness might be carried on forever in Brooklyn.

If you got it in you for one more campaign email, help us out.


Stephen said...

As usual great take, Andy. I always want to see an analysis if cash really matters. I mean, I assert that there is no such thing as a swing voter. Maybe there are hesitant voters, but I cannot understand ambivalence when so much is on the line.

My only criticism is calling Sheldon Adelson a leader. Far from it. A boss at most.

Lisa said...

You are incredible. From a distance a few states away, I've been watching your FB posts and updates and I am so impressed by your organizing, energy, positivity and effectiveness. Happy to help. Thanks for the link.