25 September 2012

Yom Kippur Blessing

Dear Friends:

At sundown this evening, our synagogue community at Congregation Beth Elohim will commemorate the holiest day in the Jewish year--Yom Kippur.  In our Tradition, this is the Day of Judgment, providing for us an opportunity for personal, familial and communal reflection on our deeds of the past year as well as giving us a chance to find the new light of Hope for living our lives with a renewed sense of goodness and meaning.  

Our Yom Kippur services will be in the Main Sanctuary, in the Ballroom, in the Rotunda, in the Chapel, and in the Picnic House in Prospect Park, an inspring example of the ways in which our remarkable growth has afforded our diverse community--across the generations--to reflect together on our past, present and future here in Brooklyn.  The many dimensions and expressions of our community--in its 150th year--is truly a blessing.

One of Yom Kippur's most solemn acts is the Yizkor Service.  This Memorial for departed souls reminds us that each day we have an opportunity to honor the lives of the those who came before us, to enrich us with the values of their lives, and by remembering them, to keep them close at heart in our own day.

The world remains a complex place for us--beautiful and singularly inspiring while also fraught with great challenges and trouble.  There is much to think about and much to do!

May our reflections on this holy day inspire us to live up to the best values of the Jewish Tradition and those who brought us into this world.  May our prayers and meditations on this day bring goodness, justice and peace to our world.  And may each of you be written and sealed in the Book of Life for another year of good health and well-being.

גמר חתימה טובה--Gmar Hatimah Tovah

Rabbi Andy Bachman

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