10 July 2012

Into the Abyss

When I read about the obscene amount of money being raised in this year's Presidential election--a series of profligate expenditures that ought to make the same fiscal conservatives who are bankrolling the Republican side blush at the resources invested (if they had any shame) and ought to shame the President, who ran on the platform of a new politics that is apparently new only in so far as the amount of money raised in order to win is at absurdly high levels (a new fiscal stimulus, perhaps, for media and advertising executives?)--I harken back to this old missive, received by mother in 1976 after Congressman Morris Udall's (a Morman, I might add) failed bid for the Democratic nomination.

Udall had dropped by our house that year, as had another erstwhile candidate, Fred Harris, whose campaign was purposely shoe-string budgeted and he actually took a nap at our house while on the campaign trail.

While we breathe a sigh of relief that the United States Supreme Court upheld most dimensions of President Obama's Health Care Reform, we ought to gird our loins for what will be the greatest devaluation of our nation's definition of "free speech" (thanks to a more infamous Supreme Court decision in Citizens United.

As we slide into the abyss of corporate ownership over politics, I hang on to this letter from Udall--so innocent, so sincere, hoping against hope that our politics may one day be redeemed.

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