08 May 2012

Sendak Lives!

Ron Lieber's Wild Rumpus Cake

Join us tonight to celebrate the life of Maurice Sendak at 11 pm for a Wild Rumpus in the Main Sanctuary alongside BanG's brilliant "Jacob's Ladder."  We'll read and make noise 'til 12 midnight.

Gothamist picks it up here.

Bring your favorite Sendak story, something to eat or drink, and don't forget a can of Chicken Soup with Rice to donate to our friends at City Harvest.

Come pay tribute to a great man and his imagination or I WILL EAT YOU UP!

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Marco Siegel-Acevedo said...

Kids camping out in a darkened house while parents sleep; reading comics at midnight under the covers by smuggled lamplight; inmates running the asylum; peasants tending their flocks in an overgrown Roman ruin. There was something of these tableaus in last night's Rumpus in the patched and majestic Sanctuary. The columns and vaults seemed mute witnesses above us in the long shadows, but really I think they were just absorbed in absorbing. Sendak's words and our clanks and booms are still rattling around up there, caught up in over a century's worth of rumpus-- pious or not, all in between.