09 May 2012

Pay Attention! Don't Miss It! The Ears Have It!

God bless Ben Katchor.  Every month in Metropolis Magazine he brings new light to human understanding in word formations which he crafts uniquely like a mischievous prophet:  "Only a ceaseless and frenetic display of amorphous forms and colors can hold the eye."

The amount of time humankind spends in front of screens is destructive and insidious blah, blah, blah.  Even the cliche is mind-numbingly true.  Like a poet whose words and pictures work together perfectly, Ben Katchor reminds us, through laughter, of some of these weird truths about ourselves.

But to hell with the eye in front of a screen for a night!  Let's rededicate ourselves to an appreciation of the Ear.

Take a break in the action tomorrow night and come hear an actual Flesh and Blood Poet read from Real Books of Poetry!

United States Poet Laureate Philip Levine will be here at CBE @ 7:30 pm in one of his last public appearances in the role of U.S. Poet Laureate.  

I'll be hosting and asking questions so if there's one you're yearning to ask, do let me know.  Otherwise, get on over here!

The Community Bookstore of Park Slope will be selling Levine books, which the poet will graciously sign.

A real person!  Real books!  Pay attention!  You may miss it.


And please vote for CBE over at the Partners in Preservation site.  Help us restore our historic sanctuary in Brooklyn.

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