24 April 2012

Welcoming Josh Breitzer on Friday April 27

I've prayed three times this week with Josh Breitzer, our new Cantor whom we're "installing" into the pulpit at CBE in a beautiful musical service he's assembled.  Friends, colleagues and mentors are coming from around New York and the rest of the country to honor Josh at this exciting moment in his career.

Sunday morning at 8 am we greeted the new month in a morning minyan with our neighbors at the Park Slope Jewish Center, where Josh sang a spirited Hallel to welcome the transition from Nisan to Iyar, a powerful springtime shift from ancient to contemporary historical time.  Yesterday we met in the CBE Chapel for Minchah so that a neighbor could say Kaddish to mourn her mother; and again today, when he and I were the only ones who showed up.  So we sat and sang, like a couple of monks.

This is a man who can sing all ways, play piano and guitar, offer up some pipe-cleaning cantorial flourishes, and also, like a true mensch, be there with people in moments of pastoral need and sensitivity.

He's a terrific colleague and I'm so grateful for his presence here at CBE.

Please join us Friday night at 6:30 pm for a special Shabbat service and a festive Oneg Shabbat with good food and drink to celebrate the Shabbat and this talented young man.

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