21 February 2012

BDS Returns to Park Slope

With coverage set to begin what will be one of Park Slope's great media sensations of the spring--the vote on a referendum to consider a boycott of Israeli products--I include here a link to today's Wall Street Journal coverage.

I am also reposting the piece I wrote about BDS this summer.

After another two weeks in Israel with members our community in early February, I remain convinced that a boycott of Israel is the wrong strategy.   Even while seeing up close some of the difficult and painful consequences of the occupation, it remains clear to me that Jewish settlements are only half the problem--Palestinian intransigence with regard to direct negotiations are the other half.

Studying the BDS movement closely, it is clear to me that the goal is not to merely "end the occupation" (a goal shared by many Israelis and American Jews) but the real goal is to end the existence of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.  The BDS movement seeks a one-state solution, which, if demographic projections are correct, will mean the dissolution of Zionism's central goal, shared by its proponents for more than a century.  And with issues like Iran's nuclear weapons program and an increasingly unstable and unpredictable Middle East region, Israel must remain a legitimate bastion of safety for its Jewish citizens.

For those interested in learning more about this issue, please attend the Progressive Voices for Peace in the Middle East event with Michael Walzer, Brooke Goldstein, Zudhi Jasser, and Yonah Shem-Tov at Old First Church on Sunday March 4 at 2 pm.

More such public teach-ins will follow in the weeks ahead.

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