16 December 2011

We Need Stronger Editorials

As expected, the response to this week's horrifying events in Israel from the New York based, mainstream Jewish press has been tepid.

The Jewish Week published an editorial, A Time of Zealots, the reviews a few quotes from IDF generals and Prime Minister Netanyahu who is quoted as saying, “We need to stop this now.  This is something small that could become something larger and bad. We will stop it now.”

How?  When?  With what force and consequences?  Expansions to Settlements continue; appropriation of Palestinian lands are a daily occurrence, creating knots of diplomatic impasse that equal Palestinian leadership's ridiculous refusal to talk peace. 

The Forward has said virtually nothing so far.  If it's there but buried behind several clicks, its lost its force.  Front and center please.  Now.

This is gravely disappointing.

What we ought to expect to hear from the Prime Minister of Israel is one, that attacking the Israel Defense Forces is a total perversion of Zionist values and those who do so--and the Yeshiva heads who whip these young hooligans into a frenzy--will be jailed for treason; and two, burning mosques is the exact equivalent of what Jews experienced when their synagogues were burned throughout Europe, necessitating Zionism in the first place.  Such violence and vandalism is totally abhorrent everything we know about Judaism and Jewish life.

The language needs to be unequivocal; strong; and consistent.  It needs to be the mantra of leadership and ought to be written, in bold letters, by the editors of Jewish newspapers throughout the Diaspora. 

Jews don't behave this way.  Period.

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