14 December 2011

Mincha Minyan: Update

Death has a pesky way of intruding upon life.

What are you going to do?

Our Mincha Minyan, which started in the Fall and didn't always get ten participants is now averaging twelve to fifteen men and women.  That's because one of our staff members experienced the death of his father two weeks ago and since this staff member is observant, he asked that we make sure there's a minyan each day of ten people so that he can fulfill the obligation of saying Kaddish with ten people present (what the mitzvah requires for observant Jews.)

We have regularly been populated by Shul staff and an occasional CBE member who quietly but dutifully show up each day at 2.30 pm for a brief service, allowing our colleague to recite the ancient Aramaic words that have bound our people--strengthening them in their grief while allowing them to recite the affirming words of God's existence--for generations.

If you're around CBE any Monday through Thursday at 2.30 pm, please join us in the Chapel. 

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