07 April 2011

156: Perspective

Sometimes, when it's that important to score, people get knocked over.  It isn't pretty; but in the context of the Game, it can change things.

Here's a quote from Brewers' pitcher Shaun Marcum about his first National League victory and the team's three-game winning streak after starting the year losing four in a row, courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

" 'One thing I'm going to keep doing is try to get better each time out,' said Marcum. 'For the most part, I felt pretty good.'  As for the turnabout in the team's fortunes, Marcum added, 'We never had any doubt in our mind. Teams go through four-, five-, six-, seven-game losing streaks in the middle of the year but it's not under a microscope like it is at the beginning of the season.' "

A great baseball quote is revealed here; because within it is the kind of philosophy you can hang your hat on.

Who hasn't had a losing streak?  I mean, a series of bad days, or weeks, or months.  For some, God forbid, even years.  But to endure it while being supported by the notion of "we never had any doubt in our mind" is the kind of focused, insistent optimism that is truer than people are generally inclined to acknowledge.  Doubt is a powerful tonic to a starry-eyed view of things, especially when one's vision is in need of some realism.  On the other hand, too much doubt can have a corrosive effect on the ability to weather storms and make it through the hard times.  In this case, the side of the scale which reads "No Doubt" also has etched in its surface "Have Faith."

Being Knocking Down and Getting Knocked Down, there's plenty of room for Doubt.  But Faith is all about getting back up on your feet.


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