09 April 2011

154: Performing

Prince played a great game--three doubles, no small feat, and for a brief moment I thought to myself:  Maybe he doesn't really want to be a free agent, afterall; maybe he really does want to stay; maybe what he's really trying to say to the team is "I'll perform if you'll perform and we all band to together to truly commit ourselves to winning a championship."

An individual's free-will, a complicating factor in life in general, is all the more so complicated when a team is involved.  A team, like a family, is a hard group to break away from; and the Brewers have been a kind of home family for Prince since he started playing professional baseball. One can't really fault him for wanting to break away, take his talents, and, as the well-worn metaphors dictate, spread his wings and fly.

But on nights like tonight, when he carries the team and has the team's pitching carry him (Chris Narveson was stellar), one sees a constellation of hope in the night sky:  his home, his team, his family, is where he already is.

Nice game, Prince.

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