10 April 2011

153: Simplicity

Ming Ming and I went to the Met this afternoon, our second stop of the day after the memorial service for a friend's mother.  Memorializing souls and memorializing the objects of history was the theme, I guess.  We've taken a number of Sundays in the past six months to walk the halls and galleries of the city's great museums, without a class or docent but just allowing a natural curiosity to run its course.  Yesterday we spent time in the Egyptian Wing, examining mummies and linens; then off to the American Wing for an intensive study of Dutch styles (dovetailing perfectly with PS 321's 2nd grade curriculum), a brief sojourn into the detailed expressions of Louis Sullivan and the remains of the Chicago Stock Exchange.
Lunch, the Middle Ages, and a few good laughs in front of an Hieronymus Bosch painting.   Amidst it all we had a very sophisticated conversation about crucifixion (Ming Ming is opposed) and she struggled with both being drawn to and repelled by the blood scenes of religio-human sacrifice.  "But that looks like a Kiddush Cup!" she exclaimed at one point, noticing angels receiving Jesus' blood as it poured from his hanging body.  Somewhere in her mind, a sociology of religion is taking hold.

When we came home, we flipped open the laptop and tuned in to Brewers' radio on WTMJ via the MLB site just in time to hear Bob Uecker call Casey McGehee's dramatic 8th inning, pinch-hit, 2-run homer to give the Brewers the lead over the Cubs.

Ming Ming, with her new pink and sparkly Degas ballerina t-shirt (branded "Met Kids") smiled and said with a wink, "That's a pretty good day."

I aspire to such simplicity.

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