14 January 2011

The Verge of Seas to be

Israel goes forth through the parted waters of the Red Sea in this week's Torah portion.

Here's Emily Dickinson on the matter:
As if the Sea should part
And show a further Sea--
And that--a further--and the Three
But a presumption be--

Of periods of Seas--
Unvisited of Shores--
Themselves the Verge of Seas to be--
Eternity--is Those--
Never published in her own life, Dickinson here makes me think of all those who went through those waters, but died in the desert, never having made it into the Promised Land:  "themselves the Verge of Seas to be."


Audrey Bachman said...

amazing, you say that emily didn't publish in her own life, she was never able to see what the world thought of her talent and beauty as a writer. this week's torah portion, some people didn't get to see the promised land. like emily didn't get to see the world with her acknowledged in. some kind of connection there?

DNelson said...

true indeed Audrey. Emily pushed the envelope. In my opinion, pushing the envelope means stretching beyond the average - thinking and acting on ideals that live at the extreme of what is commonplace. The extreme that is "forward" pushes. The extreme thats is "backward" is just a drag. As society and humankind moves from generation to generation, I think that we as a thinking race evolve (at least hope to)... and in each generation there are those rare people who seem to how to be more tolerant and understanding than their peers. the true visionaries - like your parents, like YOU - are not often recognized until a full generation or two passes and more people 'catch up' to where these prophets were years ago.
PS I have an idea I wish to talk with you about. I think you, as a visionary, would be amazing leading a project that I have in mind for CBE. Let's "do lunch."