09 January 2011

Foundations and Gates

on Joshua Six

Jericho enclosed.  Silently circled daily.  The priests, the Torah Ark, and Seven Shofars make seven circles.  A warning issued to take nothing; it's all devoted to the LORD.

On the seventh day, the blast, followed by the slaughter: man and woman; young and old; ox, sheep and ass, each by the edge of the sword.

The city is then burned and Joshua warns the people not to rebuild, as if the killing, having soaked the earth in blood, invalidates the foundation, permanently shuts the gate to the future.

What if this never happened but was conjured in an effort to imagine the horrifying, ruinous effect of man's sickening insistence on ransoming land for blood--and in the process teach us of war's folly?

But alas, there are those who, still today, seek to kill us.  For being Jewish or Christian or Muslim or Buddhist or Hindu or a Woman or Gay or Black or Latino and the list echos and reverberates, like those Shofar blasts at Jericho.

Who has time to build a foundation?  The gate--is it even open or closed?

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