17 December 2010

Yours or Mine, Not Ours

from Proverbs Twenty-One
"The kings heart is in the hands of the Eternal as the watercourses; the Eternal causes it to turn however He will."

I don't believe an anthropomorphic God chooses leaders; but I do believe in a Source of All Being and Existence influencing the course of human events.  And I believe, to a degree, in a discernible "will of the people" which produces the leaders we get.  And so as I look out across a landscape of confusion about the direction of our nation and that state of the world, I see that confusion mirrored in the disparate voices of leadership emanating from the minds and mouths of so many who seek to lead.  How else to explain the precipitous rise and then instant vilification of President Obama?  How else to explain a landslide Democratic victory followed two years later by a Republican takeover of the House of Representatives?  How else to explain the seeming groundswell of support for a substantive change to the role of government and its power to do good, only to be to answered by ignominious vituperation and hatred and suspicion of that same government? 

The energy we might define as deriving from the Source of All Being feels unbridled these days.  And our leaders don't seem capable of channeling it properly, compelling the people to adhere to a narrative of constructive engagement.  The media aggravate this.  With little to no time for reflection anymore, we're not being led so much as being bounced, like tiny, static-stuck styrofoam balls inside of a hot glass tube.  No direction home.

"Every way of man is right in his own eyes; but the Eternal weigheth the hearts.  To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Eternal than sacrifice."

We used to know what righteousness and justice meant.  As words, it seems, they once represented concepts that could stand alone.  Now we ask, "Whose righteousness?  Whose justice?" 

Yours or Mine has replaced Ours. 

And that sacrificial slaughter has damaged our democracy.

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