06 December 2010

Up Off the Grass; Shake Hands

from Proverbs Eleven

"When pride cometh, then cometh shame; but with the humble is wisdom."  In politics, not so much.  Unless of course there is pride in false-humility, which of course there is; and shame and self-loathing that masquerades as virtue.  These days in Washington, it's really hard to tell the difference.  The crisis of leadership is quite real and it is disheartening. 

A friend said the other day, "Obama needs to have a Truman moment.  Call a meeting of the Congress and put it on the table.  Tell them what's going to be."  But either the man's pride is so deflated from two years of persistent attacks, devastating accusations, and certain setbacks; or, his pride is in the distance he seems to keep from real confrontation that only the most cynical would classify as ego.  Sometimes it is the perfect combination of pride and humility (toward those you are elected to serve) to throw a punch on behalf of the less fortunate in our country.  And then get up the next day and throw the punch again and again and again.

"He that despiseth his neighbor lacketh understanding; but a man of discernment holdeth his peace."  I still enjoy football.  And I particularly enjoy the parts where guys kick the shit out of each fair and square, get up off the grass, and shake hands.

But leaders today don't really do that.  They take pot-shots at each other from separate rooms and then stew in solitary confinement while our nation teeters. 

Stitches on the basketball court is one thing; I want some battle scars from the field of engagement.  

There is too much despising of one's neighbor; a wise man holds his peace--speaks responsibly, acts accordingly.  But that doesn't mean he doesn't battle!  It just means he shakes hands after.

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RL said...

Always thoughtful insights to be found here. I appreciate the manner in which you balance your commentary between the spiritual and the secular. More importantly, in a time when discussions centered around reasonable disagreement have seemingly been thrown out with the garbage (not even in the recycle bin these days), your comments artfully mix two distinct but intertwined contexts.

Living up to your commitments is a great virtue and when adults, corporations, OUR LEADERS, etc. fail to do so they should be called on the carpet with expectations of a lesson learned. Sometimes you have to shake the baby (figuratively of course) to get the message heard. Thanks for doing your part.