26 December 2010

To Show Is To Know

from Proverbs Twenty-Nine

"A fool spendeth all his spirit but a wise man stilleth it within him."

One time last May I went to a meeting in Cambridge and stayed at a nice hotel for one night on the Harvard Campus.  I turned on the television to catch some news and when I went to the bathroom, discovered that the television signal was being broadcast through the bathroom mirror as well.  I had  never seen this before and so stood, transfixed, as Glenn Beck raged on about something that I've since long forgotten.

But I always understood that moment to be a small prophecy, a kind of message from God:  To look in the mirror and consider my own outbursts of anger, the least morally developed of my character traits.

A mirror speaks in Proverbs:  "An angry man stirs up strife and a wrathful man abounds in transgression."

The mirror shows what the heart knows.

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