30 December 2010

Three Books for You

I spent this week in Cambridge with family--always a refresher.

This trip included an unpredictable infatuation with William James Hall--though, like so much in love, I can't really explain it.  Is it the surprising height amidst the classic Harvard brick?  Is it the oversized Japanese pagoda reference?  Is it the Transcendental Psychology of it all?

I also bought several books, three of which I'm already enjoying:

1.  Lauren Redniss's brilliant, and, well, radiant graphic story of Marie and Pierre Curie, Radioactive. Lauren reminds us of the inspiring collision between the pursuit of knowledge and love.

2.  Sarah Bakewell's How to Live, her chapters on Montaigne's Essays.  I am ready now to retire and spend my remaining years gardening and contemplating my impending death.

3.  David Finkel's Pulitzer Prize winning The Good Soldiers, which everyone who has an opinion on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan should absolutely read.

In case it snows again and the city succeeds at reminding us why Chicago threw out Michael Bilandic and elected Jane Byrne, I hope you enjoy these books as much as I have.

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