10 December 2010

Bibi's Betrayal: Jewish Week Column for 12.10.10

The news earlier this week that President Obama had decided to suspend efforts toward curtailing Israeli settlement policy should be seen as a major setback in Middle East peace efforts.

More important, for American Jewry, it should be seen as the result of a betrayal--not by President Obama but by Prime Minister Netanyahu, who from the time even before Barack Obama was President, mobilized his own forces to prepare a counter-strategy for what both sides knew would be the President’s aggressive efforts toward realizing what prior administrations could not: peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

No sooner was the President in the White House than did Benjamin Netanyahu denigrate the basic rules of diplomacy among allies by referring to the President’s Jewish advisers David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel as “self-hating Jews.” Of course Netanyahu would deny having said this but no one that I know in the American Jewish community believed him.

We took it to mean that this fight between administrations would be personal--especially given the overwhelming support from Jewish voters that Obama received in 2008--nearly 80 percent.

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