28 September 2010

from the CBE Archives

One of the great joys of an historic synagogue is its archives.  Our archivist, Martha Foley, and Congregational Scholar, Rabbi Dan Bronstein, have been unearthing great stuff.  Here is some material about athletics at CBE in the 1940s, where basketball leagues and a fairly robust relationship with Golden Gloves were regular parts of our community programming.  These are posted on my Facebook page as well if you feel like commenting there, too.  Enjoy!  

'40-'41 Season Schedule
DIY circa 1941
Red Holzman!
the tickets from the Golden Gloves bouts at CBE
when Jews fight, you need detectives
from the Brochure of the Opening of the Temple House in 1929
Boxing Check List
flyer from a Brooklyn Jewish Hoops Tourney hosted by Union Temple
from the category of "the more things change"

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