06 September 2010

Above It All

27 Elul 5770

Monday run in the Park.  On one of the lower traverses, beneath the bridge, I saw a red finch, a cardinal, and a robin.  Everyone was very busy and their just-this-side-of-hysterical flightiness and it reminded me of the way I feel this time of year, before the New Year.  Chipmunks darting about in my path didn't help either, cute little bastards.

I am aware that a cold is coming--the first that I can think of at Yuntef time, a minor annoyance for sure but I make a mental note to use at as teshuva material.  (You deserve this cold, I think to myself, you who tell people to take care of themselves while never following your own advice! {Do What I Say, Don't Do What I Do, as they say...})

Oh, to float away into the beautiful sky, above it all!
"Let go of this world for an hour or two--its hustle and bustle, its cunning deceptions, and all your earthly aspirations.  Seclude yourself in privacy--go out into a forest if possible.  Let yourself become a simple creature in God's world.  With the sun, the moon, the birds and the trees, sing songs of praise to Him.  Reveal the greatness of God to the world, and fill it with a sense of that greatness...Then you will know why Moshe prayed to become a bird in the sky after his passing:  he yearned to sing praise to God as a simple creature before Him."  Kalonymus Kalman Shapira

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