18 August 2010

Meeting Mark Pollard

8 Elul 5770

One of the interesting aspects of working as a rabbi in a community is who reaches out to you at election.  In the last several years, a number of people have come to talk, to learn about our diverse community, what issues are pulsing through the life of the Jewish community.

Recently I was visited by a really nice young man named Mark Pollard, who is a professor of law at Medgar Evers College and has decided to run for the New York State Senate's 18th district, which represents various parts of Bed Stuy, Ocean Hill/Brownsville, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Red Hook, Downtown Brooklyn, Park Slope and Sunset Park.

Pollard's website is a bit thin--it could use some more information about the many issues of concern to Brooklyn.  I'd recommend he make that information available soon, since the primary is September 14!

In conversation with Mark, I learned about his father's roots in Alabama and his family's emigration to New York; his own work as a prosecutor and now professor; and his passion for housing, jobs and education.  He also talked about the sorry state of political affairs in Albany and his desire to help break the logjam of dysfunction and get things moving in the right direction.

I was impressed by his forthright manner, his friendly ease, and frankly, the fact that he took to the time to come visit the synagogue.  It says alot about the concerns of politicians and public servants when they reach out to others in the community to actually hear about the range concerns that we all feel about the current state of affairs locally, nationally, and globally.

This kind of refreshing perspective can be very good for getting us going in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

I hope you pick up the phone and try to speak with Senator Montgomery. Not only is she a very nice person she has an incredible record of achievement, something Mr. Pollard can't say about any aspect of his career. He may have "passion" for things, but what has he done? And is it any reason to throw away the years of experience of someone who now has seniority, like Senator Montgomery does? Does Mr. Pollard really think we'll be better off while he is learning the ropes as a freshman so we should throw away the first chance this area has had to actually get things done? In the last 2 years since they took the majority, the Democratic Senate, and especially Senator Montgomery, have done more to reform Albany and restore balance and resources to our neighborhoods. Any chaos has been orchestrated by Republicans, and Mr. Pollard is an unwitting (I hope) tool.
But like I said, I hope you'll call Senator Montgomery. Or do you only consider people when they knock on your door? She represents 315,000 people, she might be a little busy.

Andy Bachman said...

I am happy to call and meet the Senator.