09 June 2010

Laying Around All Day

Nathan was really excited for the season-ending episode of Glee--an event he had been talking about all week, actually.  He was concerned about what was going to happen with Quinn's baby, and really wanted to know if Puck would raise his game, rise to the occasion and be the dad he ought to be.  Additionally, Nathan was concerned about what kind of emotional resolution there would be between Rachel and her mother.  I have to say that the moment the show ended, he seemed upset and wanted to go for a walk.

We walked a long, long time last night.  We talked about the new bike lane all along Prospect Park West (at least THAT we could agree on...I had wanted to watch Celtics-Lakers) and how much we are looking forward to its completion.  Brooklyn is a bikers' borough, after all.  And with the BP disaster not resolving itself anytime soon, the more we can do to minimize our paralyzing dependence on fossil fuels the better--his words, not mine.  Still, hard to argue.

Summer nights along the Park are really great.  The few others dogs out and about are a fairly sophisticated bunch and generally get along, which makes the strolls relaxing and always enlightening.  Gus, a West Highland Terrier, shared with us his general excitement about the new Arcade Fire album due out in August and was very animated about downloading the first couple songs from the Merge Records site.

Just then Otis walked up to us, they deployed their olfactory senses toward their collective cabooses, and a huge discussion broke out about the "No Offshore Drilling" vigil that was in Prospect Park earlier in the night.  From a programming perspective, there was some disagreement about whether or not scheduling it the night before Norah Jones was a good idea--Gus being strongly of the opinion that leaflets before Norah Jones was a more powerful mechanism for social organizing than standing in the grass the night before with candles.  Nathan suggested that Norah Jones show be acoustic--an homage to maximizing the "green" aspects of the event which both Otis and Gus found laughable.  When Nathan then suggested that that's precisely what New Directions would have done, his friends left--just like that.  Dogs can be that way sometimes.

We walked up to the Pavilion and turned around the Veteran's circle, making note of the three men sleeping on the benches.  "Though the economy is lurching back, it's a sign of the real dislocation going," Nathan said.  "Also, if I were Garry Winogrand, I'd have my camera.  This is a very moving depiction of our times, is it not?  It really pisses me off when I forget to bring it!"  "Good boy, Nathan, I said."  I patted his head and we set off for home.  You gotta love a dog with a crusading social conscience.

We moved along in silence for several blocks until Nathan asked about Shul.  "Didn't you move the pews in the Chapel?  How's that working out?"  I showed him the pictures and he seemed impressed.
He was really curious how people would react and was eager to know if the configuration would move people in new spiritual ways.  "That remains to be seen, buddy," I said.  You gotta love a dog with a sense of the sacred.

When we got home, Nathan wanted to check scores--Brewers and Mets won, Celtics lost; the young pitcher for the Nationals made some waves--and then he asked me to wake him early so he could follow the blogs on the UN Security Council vote for sanctions against Iran.  Nathan is strongly pro-sanctions.  He feels an unchecked Iran remains a great danger and the sooner Israel can get to two-states with the Palestinians, the sooner it can rebuild its alliances and confront productively the existential threats from Tehran, the better off we'll all be.  Sometimes it feels that time's running out and that's very stressful.

I'd like to go back to laying around all day, he said to me as we called it a night.


Amanda said...

Interesting new style. If I had a dog, which I don't because then I'd have to fit in walking him/her, we'd probably have discussed 1) that no one I know likes the PPW bike lanes -- traffic is worse, parking has been reduced, and generally its an annoyance...plus people can ride their bikes in the park; 2) am also looking forward to the new Arcade Fire album; and 3) that I like the look of the new chapel layout, and look forward to trying it out.

Old First said...

This dog will go to heaven. Where there will be only bike lanes, and dogs will ride bikes, and sit side to side facing each other in shul when they pray, because even dogs pray in heaven.