06 May 2010

Omer 37: This Old House!

Omer Day Thirty-Seven

One of the great achievements in our community during the Omer period has been the extraordinarily focused work of a group of leaders who have organized our benefit dinner for tonight--the SOLD-OUT "This Old House," which pushes us forward in significant new ways to coordinate our communal efforts toward the rebuilding and renewal of our two aged sacred spaces.  

This evening more than 350 people will fill our Temple House for a celebration of this historic community and our shared, multi-generational effort to reimagine sacred spaces for the 21st century as well as honor the cherished history of CBE.  It will be our most successful one-time fundraising effort in the history of the community.

In addition to several members there will be community leaders, politicians, and beneficiaries of our open door policy--families and individuals from initiatives like Shir l'Shabbat or Altshul who are "not yet" official members but really consider CBE to be their spiritual home and so take part in the shared effort to support our infrastructures.

Special thanks in celebration of their efforts to the following individuals:

Amy Bender
Leslie Frishberg
Stacey Frisch
Wesley Weissberg
Erica Heisman
Jamie Principe
Janice Cimberg
Leah Rosen
Bev Silver &
Judy Antell

Our office and maintenance staff as well as the entire administrative structure of CBE have pulled together to make tonight a great success.

Here's to This Old House!

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