25 March 2010

Minutes, 1981

"The Business meeting then began with a reported request from Temple Beth Elohim requesting permission to hold the Worship of their Holy Days here at Old First; the reason being that there was imminent danger of their ceiling collapsing. A movement was made to grant their request. It was seconded and there was a unanimous vote of approval." --from the minutes of Old First Reformed Church, September 14, 1981.

Nearly 30 years later, here we go again!

Rev. Daniel Meeter handed me a copy of these minutes yesterday afternoon when we met for lunch and we had a good laugh over this factoid of history neither of us knew about. As is well known to each of us and our contemporary communities, Old First graciously opened its doors to CBE for Yom Kippur services last September when a large section of our ceiling collapsed and while we have made strides to create a master plan and move toward repair, that work will not begin for some time and so we plan on being at Old First again this year for both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Thank God for friends like Rev. Meeter and Old First.

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Dave said...

i've said it before and will say it again, one word describes Reverand Dr Daniel Meeter: mentch