08 March 2010

Have A Good Day

Rise at 6.00

Coffee, Sporting News Baseball Issue, Asher Yatzar by 6.15.
Shacharit by 6.35.

A beautiful sunrise run on the Mount Vernon Path at 6.45, heading toward DC--Reagan Airport, Jefferson Memorial, Pentagon, Capitol, Lincoln and Washington Memorials in the distance.

Gulls and geese overhead.

The fading half-moon of Adar still in sky but one can hear the redemptive footsteps of Nisan, and Passover, in the distance.

I got lost on the way back and had to run along the highway, which made for quite an adventure.

But it turned out okay, back in the room by 8.00.

Lobbying today for a better world. We'll see how that goes. Not quite Moses and Aaron going to address Pharaoh but that's a good thing. There's an excess of grandiosity in the Land.

Have a good day.

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