20 March 2010

Ess, Ess Mein Kind


Israeli cous-cous and chick peas.
Stuffed grape leaves.
Tabouli Salad
Pasta Salad
Grape Juice
Sweet wine.

This is our schmear every Shabbat at CBE.

Yachad, our Hebrew school, ends around 12.15 just when a Bar or Bat Mitzvah lets out, around the same time that the Lay-Led Minyan lets out, around the same time, twice a month, that Altshul lets out.

All told, a few hundred people who have all celebrated Shabbat in a variety of ways, converge on a couple tables, eat and talk.

This is good.

You should check it out some time.

Have a good week.

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M. said...

And you remember Harry Golden. You're a mensch, Rabbi.