13 January 2010

Help for Haiti

The devastation in Haiti is enormous.

You can help immediately by sending a check or donating online to the American Jewish World Service, who has a number of humanitarian projects ongoing there and has an excellent track record of support there.

Haitians here in Brooklyn are a big part of our lives in the Jewish community. We are friends and neighbors and co-workers; many are caregivers for our children; and many more help take care of our synagogues and facilities.

We must do all we can to help.

For online donations to the American Jewish World Service CLICK HERE.

Send a check to:

Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund, American Jewish World Service
45 West 36th Street, 11th floor
New York, NY 10018-7904

Thanks for your support.


rogueregime said...

Thanks for the link... I just donated.

Obviously what has happened there is horrible beyond words. I just hope enough aid can get to the people of Haiti quickly enough to make a difference.

Andy Bachman said...

thanks so much for your donation! the support is truly appreciated.