04 January 2010

Hate In Uganda

NY Times weighs in TUESDAY 1,5,10 with an editorial.
To express outrage about this is so obvious as to be laughable except it's not satire but real--the announcement in Uganda of a bill to execute homosexuals introduced on the heels of a series recent visits by American Evangelicals. Despite such laughable lines from Rev Donald Schmierer, like, "That’s horrible, absolutely horrible, some of the nicest people I have ever met are gay people," there needs to be a far greater sense of responsibility taken by these ministers who have been preaching their ludicrous theology of conditioning gays away from their sexuality. What did they really think would come from their preaching religious homophobia in a notoriously homophobic and violent culture?

To the credit of Judaism, we banned capital punishment more than two thousand years ago--a court that administered the death penalty even "once every seventy years" was a destructive institution. In modern Israel the death penalty is abolished as well--having been used only once for the execution of Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann.

In any case, let's just put this out there today: We need to hear total and unequivocal denunciation of this grotesque bill making its way through the Ugandan political system and a serious sense of repentance for helping to stir hate in a region these evangelists purport to care for.

You can certainly start by contacting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and let her know that the U.S. should withhold any foreign aid from Uganda until this kind of legislation is withdrawn.

You can also contact the three ministers cited in the Times article:

1. Caleb Lee Brundidge at cbrundidge@xpmedia.com.
2. Don Schmierer
3. Scott Lively, who as you can see from his website, has an odd way of expressing remorse while continuing to accuse the "international gay lobby" of "recruiting" people to homosexuality and lesbianism. Check out this gem: "During the past decade or so, Uganda has been one of the few countries of the world that has firmly resisted the enormous power and relentless pressure of the international “gay” lobby, while other developing nations such as South Africa and Brazil have been systematically homosexualized." This is really nuts.

Write them all and tell them what you think.

People talk about religion getting a bad name. Here's how. So whether you're Jewish or not, atheist or not, gay or not, let these people know what you think about this kind of hatred.


Jeff said...

Another insidious element to this entire fiasco that was not mentioned in the NY Times (incomplete info from the NY Times-what a shocker!)is the affiliation of these Christian "missionaries" with a secretive but extremely influential US group called The Family. This group consists of some very powerful members of Congress, the military and even foreign heads of state. Their existence has been well documented by author Jeff Sharlet and in a recent Fresh Air interview, he updated their influence with the present Ugandan anti-gay legislation http://www.amazon.com/Family-Secret-Fundamentalism-Heart-American/dp/0060559799
These are really scary people...

Jeff said...

Oops! I meant to paste in the link to Sharlet's NPR interview in which he talks about the Family's involvement with the Ugandan anti-gay legislation. Here goes:

Old First said...

Thanks for the tip, Andy. WIll do.