07 January 2010

Anat Hoffman, Reform Leader in Israel, Interrogated by Jerusalem Police

Anat Hoffman, a veteran activist for women's rights in Israel and a leader of the Reform movement in Israel, has been interrogated by the Jerusalem police in what appears to be a blatant political move to silence the activists.

We don't have all the facts about what happened but having spent some time this summer with Anat Hoffman, I can testify to her ethics, her decency and bravery in the battle for equal rights. This is potentially one of the most irresponsible things the government could have allowed and could cause a huge rift with the Reform movement in America and Israel. How can the Western Wall not belong to all of the Jewish people?

Here is Ben Harris's video of Anat which I strong urge you to look at.


hineni said...

Anat's arrest is testimony to the lack of clout of the Reform movement in Israel, even after all the progress it has made there.

If Israel listens at all to Americans, it is to the voice of the funders, the Federations. Their intercession was critical in Who is a Jew, and will be critical again in Who wears a talit. They lose when American Jews are disaffected with Israel, and even though they know it, they have to be reminded.

Andy Bachman said...

I'd like to see ten plane loads of American Jews wearing tallitot land in Tel Aviv, take buses to Jerusalem, and go pray at the Kotel.