14 August 2009

Two things worth a quick look this morning.

1. Jo-Ann Mort has a great article up at the Prospect about her recent trip to Ramallah and Gaza. Jo-Ann is longtime committed Zionist and journalist who has been covering Israel for years. She is also on the board of Americans for Peace Now and has been active for a long time in trying to reach a solution. Please take a look.

2. The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism has a new webpage dedicated to Health Care Reform. I signed up and if you believe in the cause, you should, too.

You can find it here, at Jews for Health Care Reform.

Given the total nuttiness of the debate at this point, which today's NYTimes finally begins to pick apart in an aggressive and meaningful way--with Paul Krugman's piece --"Republican Death Trip"-- as well solid reporting from Jim Ruttenberg and Jackie Calmes -- "False Death Panel Rumor Has Some Familiar Roots" --, it's vital that those who believe in the idea of health care reform and in totally delegitimating the vile hatred coming from all over the United States and definitely NOT being adequately addressed by leaders in Congress, it's time to mobilize and speak up.

A quick Google search reveals some incredibly grotesque imagery of President Obama as Hitler and leading a Nazi takeover of the United States. As Jews we have an obligation to declare this sort of stuff as pure garbage which has no place in a policy debate.

The RAC sit allows you to let Congress know how you feel. Speak up!

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