19 August 2009

More Strange News from the Health Care Wars

My favorite line from our Israeli friend, decrying that in the United States Memorial Day is celebrated by putting mattresses on sale!

And here is an outrageous exchange someone had with Barney Frank:

And Barney Frank, also using humor in the face of Nazi charges, comparing a conversation with his interlocutor with that of talking to a dining room table. The laughs from the crowd support the good Representative from Massachusetts.

Each worth a look. A few examples out there now about how insane the political process has become and why Town Hall forums bring out the best and worst in this country. The price we pay for free speech but God willing, those in the middle will see that the lunatic fringe must remain where it belongs--on the fringe.

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Anonymous said...


Did you notice that the woman who said that had an Israeli Defense Forces T-Shirt on? How bizarre...