08 May 2009

Steroid Use = Lifetime Ban

Not that anyone's asking, but my solution for the ongoing steroid crisis in baseball is simple:

Lifetime ban from the game.

It worked for Pete Rose and gambling (we think.) And this cheating with drugs is every bit as egregious and detrimental to the game. If the entire sport is being called into question, it's time for extreme measures.

Besides, prospects come up all the time. There's always someone to replace the "next great player."

If you test positive for use of illegal steroids, you lose the right to play in Major League Baseball. Period.

Suspensions keep the money flowing to the owners, who, let's face it, likely have looked the other way because pumped up players pump up ticket sales.

But with Manny Ramirez being the latest and A-Rod coming back tonight, it's time to contemplate what is right for the game once and for all.


Jonathan said...

Really? Really, Andy. A lifetime ban? This is the worst sort of Reagan era "zero tolerance" thinking. Your policy is animated by your outrage at the Mannys and A-Rods, but the players who will be hurt are the 19 year old no-name kids for whom the majors are their one shot and you want to tell them they don't even get one strike? That's fair? That's just? Really. Who's harmed by this -- the "game of baseball"? Whatever that means. We're not talking about airline pilots or some other job where ingesting a banned substance is going to put people at risk. (And it's a shanda that Pete Rose isn't in the hall of fame -- anyway.)

Andy Bachman said...


The nineteen year old is not hurt if his blood is clean.

Yours in spirit,

The Real Gipper

Amanda said...

It happens all the time in corporate america, people do things wrong and lose their registrations, etc, which basically bars them from "playing" in investment banks or other firms....why should baseball be any different. I agree with Andy, these guys know exactly what they are doing and think they are untouchable. We finally need to stand up and say you are touchable and you knew that what you were doing was wrong.

Jonathan said...

Based on the 40 man roster, there are 1,200 mlb players each year.

In 2005, 12 were suspended for some period for steroid use.

In 2006, 3 were suspended for some period for steroid use.

In 2007, 7 were suspended for some period for steroid use.

In 2008, 0 were suspended for some period for steroid use.

In 2009, 3 have been suspended for some period for steroid use.

I'd say that a .4% average violation rate since baseball instituted the current policy is pretty effective.

pws said...

Andy, I like your take on things and believe it is the right answer. I don't have much use for baseball but I think that it's a tough fight. Jonathan is among the majority in baseball, that of "yeah, it's wrong...but look at the highlights". Baseball won't ban players for steroids because there's too much money involved. Pete Rose was easy; he's the only one to profit. Maybe if baseball got a cut of any winnings things would be different. Money outweighs ethics in business, unfortunately.