22 April 2009

Fast, Sack Cloth and Ashes.

I am speechless (and to quote Woody Allen) I am literally without speech.

Our nation is going through the worst economic crisis in a generation and some guy named Moishe is creating little Real Worlds for the lost generation in cities 'cross America. Paying people to be whatever kind of Jews they want to be.


Why do we enable these things?

Why? Are we THAT desperate?

God Bless Eli Sanders and Nextbook for exposing this major embarrassment to our reputation as a "light unto the nations."

I'm declaring a Fast, Sack Cloth and Ashes.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

While I agree the way this idea is being played out is very "real world-ish" and questionable, I actually wonder if there isn't a seed here that could be grown into something in which we could be proud. I think providing money to individuals to host Jewish events in their homes, with more stringent programming guidelines and oversight, could have the intended effect of connecting Jews with Jews and with their religion. I don't see that as paying people to be Jews but them to host events where younger Jews may want to be. Maybe we should hit him up for some money to try and make something work that wouldn't be an embarrassment.