26 March 2009

Coping with the Economic Crisis

With the surge in Shantytowns, as reported in today's Times, Peter Applebome's coverage of those at the "bottom rung" of the fare hike, along with Steven Greenhouse's reporting on the U.S. Department of Labor failing to adequately pursue unfair wage lawsuits, AND the jump in the City's jobless rate -- to 8.1% from 6.9% -- there is more than enough reason to grasp that people are really hurting.

There are two things you can do immediately.

One, come into CBE and buy a Tzedakah Box for $50. And when you fill it with your donations, return those to us as well. We are starting a Tzedakah Fund that will help those in need in Brooklyn and beyond. We've sold nearly 50 boxes so far, have 250 more to sell, and several members have come forward to join the effot to help think through how to allocate the money we'll be bringing in. If you want to get involved, please let me know.

Two,on Sunday evening we'll be hosting NYC Councilmen David Yassky and Bill de Blasio, who will address to our community ways in which we can understand how this current economic downturn effects New York City. That's Sunday night at 7 pm, part of a three part series, "Coping with the Economic Crisis" put together by our After School Committee and its Director Bobbie Finkelstein, members of our Social Action Committee, and Penni Beckerman from UJA Federation of New York.

For more information, check out the CBE website here.

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